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The Disturbing Nature of the Medical Profession

The link below takes the public on a personal adventure into a world that has been intentionally hidden from them by "modern medicine." The link takes you to an excerpt of writings by Robert E. Willner, M.D. Ph.D. Dr. Willner, who practiced for 40 years and is an insider of traditional medicine, is attempting to tell the world a few things of great importance, and we all need to sit up and listen. Among them--"The very nature of the medical profession, under the influence and deception of the pharmaceutical industry, is one of conflict of interest. True disease prevention, other than the questionable practice of vaccination, is either rejected, too time consuming, or in conflict with economic gain. Traditional natural nutritional concepts are therefore a total enigma to most physicians. It is certainly more profitable to dispense with the patient quickly and at a substantial fee, and simply write a prescription regardless of the risks involved to the patients.

Everything is ruled by "consensus" and therefore is the "best that is available. "It goes unchallenged because all opposition is "unorthodox", "unprofessional" and "not in keeping with community standards," and therefore illegal and quackery. The so-called "side effects" of drugs are, in truth, unwanted DIRECT EFFECTS. The cumulative result of many of these therapies on the suppression of the immune system, coupled with the multiple insults visited daily upon us from the pollution of our air, food and water, has unquestionably been the reason that the rate of cancer has doubled in the last 20 years. The crime is compounded by establishment medicine's symptomatic approach, WHICH LEAVES THE CUASATIVE FACTORS INTACT." The link below will take you to more of Dr. Willner's important writings.

Molocure July 2004

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