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The Good Old Days...

When I want to get some perspective on today's world, I think about how life was 100 years ago for my parents' parents. Think about it... No computers, no rush hour, less pollution, fewer processed foods and additives clogging our arteries. A Web site I stumbled on today made me think about those long ago times and some of those great things I missed.

  • The average American lifespan was 47
  • Fourteen percent of American homes has bathtubs
  • There were only 8,000 cars on the road driving on only 144 miles of paved roads at the dazzling speed of 10 mph
  • American workers made anywhere from $200-400 annually
  • Almost all births took place at home
  • Only 6 percent of Americans had ever graduated from high school
  • Ten percent of American adults couldn't read or write
  • The top three causes of U.S. deaths were pneumonia and influenza, tuberculosis and diarrhea

When you think about the "good old days," be very thankful what you wish for often doesn't come true...

Shannonblogs July 2004

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