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It's Offical: Bloggers Changing How the World Gets Its Information!

Ten to 20 popular web loggers--"bloggers" as we are more widely known--have been invited to report the Republican National Convention at the end of August. Meanwhile, about three-dozen bloggers are covering the Democratic National Convention this week. This marks the first time bloggers have officially been recognized as members of the media, providing them with credentials giving them the same insider access as traditional journalists from major media sources like the Wall Street Journal.

A historic turning point is occuring, that is, as the growing wave of people turning to the ultra-convenience and timeliness of blogs like this one for information that matters to them cannot be ignored. Bloggers "are an emerging community that has a role to play as the media landscape evolves over time," says Republican convention spokesman Leonardo Alcivar, and--as you can read in full in the Yahoo article--he goes on to compare the blogging medium to the emergence of CNN in the 80s and talk radio in the 90s. If you appreciate the health and wellness insights (and the occasional just-for-laughs or just-because-it-is-interesting pieces) I am committed to providing you in the free blog here, I hope you'll take two actions right now:

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