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More Red Flags About Genetically Engineered Food

A major new report from the National Academy of Sciences was released this week titled "Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods: Approaches to Assessing Unintended Health Effects." This report from the nation's leading scientific organization raises many red flags about the safety of genetically engineered foods.

As the report points out, the technology does not even currently exist that is necessary to adequately safety test genetically engineered foods. It could cost many millions, if not billions, of dollars to develop such technology, and take many years. In the meantime, people are being fed these risky foods that have never been adequately tested.

Now that this report has been released indicating the potential for health problems is real, will the government agencies finally start adequately regulating genetically engineered foods? Probably not. Most likely it will take Congressional action to force the agencies to act. This report provides compelling evidence on why such action from Congress is needed. Safety testing and labeling should be required for ALL genetically engineered foods. As the report points out, the current system is inadequate to assure safety.

National Academy Press July 28, 2004 Entire book FREE on line

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