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New Atkins Book on Diabetes

The latest book from the empire founded by the late cardiologist Robert Atkins, Atkins Diabetes Revolution, is being launched this week. Atkins Diabetes Revolution is written by Mary Vernon, a family physician and vice president of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, and Jacqueline Eberstein, a registered nurse and nutrition counselor who worked with Atkins for 29 years.

Atkins was a major pioneer in diet therapy and he had so many of the principles right. However, using his program to control diabetes or obesity still has some major challenges. I recently wrote a detailed article explaining why the Atkins program will ultimately fail for most that apply it. The central reason is that clearly one-third of people require a high-carb diet to lose weight or control diabetes. The central issue is the type of carbs that are used. To control diabetes or weight loss one requires the virtual elimination of most grains and sugars until insulin is once again well regulated with the help of cardiovascular exercise.

USA Today August 2, 2004

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