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How Safe are Infertility Treatments?

Infertility treatment is a $4 billion-a-year business that uses controversial drugs and experimental techniques, and yet is virtually unregulated. Thousands of women each year turn to it in hopes of having a baby, but many scientists, ethicists and policymakers now believe safety concerns are not keeping pace with the rapid growth in the industry. Many couples have spent months on grueling, potentially dangerous, drug regimens with price tags of $30,000, yet according to a recent report, the vast majority--73 percent--of assisted reproduction treatments fail to produce a baby. Serious questions are being raised about safety and the very loose regulation of the industry. As I've written in the past, there are other things that should be done long before resorting to any fertility treatments, and you can read about some of them now.

ABC News August 2, 2004

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