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Breast Implant TV Commercials Coming

Medical device maker Mentor Corp believes that marketing breast implants is ready for U.S. prime time. Mentor will debut its first prime-time ads on ABC network's "Extreme Makeover" plastic surgery show this fall. Total breast implant surgeries have grown nearly 180 percent since 1997, but the industry still bears the scars of a safety scare in the early 1990s. In January, U.S. regulators rejected a bid by rival Inamed Corp to overturn a 12-year-old ban on silicone implants. Public health advocates say shows like "Extreme Makeover" gloss over plastic surgery's risks and unduly influence young women and teenagers. Advertising experts point to a different problem in creating a consumer preference for implants, as this is a brand choice that would normally be left to a doctor. Despite the many risks associated with breast implants, over 200,000 women obtain them each year. Breast implants are a huge fraud being committed on American women as these cherished breast implants may cost women their insurance, their health, their beauty, their vitality, their families, their careers and, too often, even their lives.

Indian Express August 4, 2004

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