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Fighting RA With a Nasal Spray?

U.S. drug maker Vical Inc. is working with U.K. researchers to develop a nasal spray that could deliver gene treatments that could treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers. Preliminary work has shown that nose drops containing a modified version of a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory substance can switch off the harmful inflammatory process that causes RA.

Researchers found that delivery of the anti-inflammatory protein interleukin -10 "switched off" immune cells that were contributing to the inflammation, but "switched on" cells that could keep the harmful ones in check.

Administering interleukin -10 via the nose will more effectively target a population of cells that cause disease, rather than damping down the whole immune system, according to scientists. In a Canadian drug trial, immunosuppression was found in patientsd when it was given intravenously.

The bottom line is that drugs are terrible options for most RA patients as they in no way, shape or form solve the problem. Two proven and far healthier solutions:

The Scotsman August 4, 2004

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