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Terror Fears Raise Heart Disease

Fear is a crippler that can harm your soul and your health. But after 9/11, terror alerts are a fact of life. How you deal with fear can make the difference between life and death, according to a new study. Israeli women who are extremely afraid of terrorism appear to have higher levels of a marker of blood vessel inflammation, a sign they may be at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Investigators found women who said they were particularly afraid of attacks such as suicide bombings were 70 percent more likely to have high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), linked in several studies to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, sudden cardiac death and artery disease, among other conditions.

For the first time, a study of healthy workers shows that the psychological reaction of chronic fear of terror has a negative impact on health in women. Researchers found women tended to have more fears related to terrorism than men. More than 26 percent of women exhibited a high state of fear, most of them for at least one year, compared with 11 percent of men.

This is not the first study to link mental state to inflammation. Previous research has shown repeated episodes of acute or chronic stress can culminate in chronic inflammation, leading to cardiovascular disease.

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Yahoo News August 6, 2004

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