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Avoid Eyeball Cosmetic Jewelry

If you want to add glitz to your gaze, you can have a thin platinum jewel implanted in the mucus membrane of the eye. And to do it, you don't have to go all the way to Europe, where the procedure originated. You just have to go to L.A. While some think that eyeball jewelry, which comes in the shape of tiny glittering hearts, stars or half-moons, is fun--and safe--many ophthalmologists are wary of eyeball jewelry, and are issuing strong cautions about the fashion trend because there may be risks such as chronic eye redness, irritation, rejection and even infection. The 15-minute procedure costs $3,900 and is performed under local anesthetic. There have only been 50 eyeball jewelry procedures conducted in the world, and no one knows what, if any, the long-term risks might be. This procedure is completely unnecessary, similar to some other bizarre yet common procedures like tongue piercing, and you risk having any number of as yet unknown side effects.

Unexpected side effects, for instance mouth jewelry can cause tooth fractures, can occur when any foreign object is inserted in the body. Also, many people don't realize that we have very small electrical currents running through our body and inserting pieces of metal into your body can disrupt this energy flow.

ABC News August 10, 2004

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