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Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Menopause Risks

Although women run a greater risk of atherosclerosis--plaque build-up in the arteries--when they reach menopause, a new study has found women can reduce their considerable risk if they follow a better diet and exercise program. Such measures could prevent the adverse cardiovascular risk factor changes that occur with menopause, according to one researcher.

Ultrasound measurements were made of the thickness of the carotid artery walls twice over the course of four years in 353 women ranging in age from 44-50. The participants were assigned to a lifestyle-intervention group or to an assessment-only control group.

In controls, artery wall thickness accelerated from an increase of 0.003 millimeters per year before menopause to 0.008 mm during and after menopause. However, this 0.008 mm per year progression in controls was reduced to 0.004 mm per year in the intervention group.

Researchers emphasized that lifestyle changes really do the trick and the results are measurable too. So, if you haven't made the move yet, you have all the tools and information on my site to make those changes today. Here's how:

Yahoo News August 10, 2004

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