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Prescription Drugs + Kids = Sheer Lunacy

If you search my site for the term "children's drugs," you'll find scores of articles outlining the lunacy behind prescribing medications like Prilosec, Ambien and Ritalin to kids. I was just as upset when I read a piece this morning about a little girl who was prescribed blood pressure medication at the tender age of 8. Despite concerns about possible side effects from long-term use of antihypertensive medications, the little girl's family eventually decided that the benefits of the drugs outweighed the risks.

As blood pressure levels rise among America's children, doctors are increasingly prescribing antihypertensive medications to children and teenagers. By catching and treating hypertension early, they will save lives.

While there are no studies examining the effects of long-term use of antihypertensive drugs in children, recent reports show that many of the medications are safe in the short term.

Perhaps, the ultimate culprit behind this nonsense: Increased obesity fueled by the high intake of fast foods, soft drinks and processed foods which spikes the amount of sodium and processed sugars children unwittingly consume.

Fortunately, obesity in children can be prevented and reversed. The future health of our country is connected to having our children eat healthy. If we want to save them incredible needless grief and suffering then it would be wise to encourage them to eat properly.

In fact, a recent study found that the blood vessels of kids who suffered from high blood pressure returned to normal after one year of practicing better eating and exercise habits, and not a strict regimen of medication.

Wilmington Star News August 10, 2004

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