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You Are Making a Difference - - Keep Up the Good Work

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is in the final stages of overhauling the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which will be formally adopted next year. Since 1980, the guidelines - consisting of seven to 10 short statements and an accompanying booklet - have been issued every five years by the departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services.

There are many influences on the Advisory Committee recommendations, the Sugar and Grocery Manufacturers are certainly two powerful groups, but now the Committee is also being confronted with your information to battle them and provide our country with a balanced perspective on food choices. According to this morning's LA Times "scads of disciples of Dr. Joseph Mercola" are testifying and writting letters to the committee and they apparently are having an effect. I believe much of the testimony was a result from an article I posted last year on the subject.

Keep up the good work. You can make a difference! If you want to review the article in the LA Times and avoid their painful registration process. Use the username latimes1 and password latimes2. You can get these types of passwords very easily for nearly all sites and save loads of time in registering by reading my recent article on how to avoid newspaper registrations.

LA Times August 10, 2004

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