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Media Helps Generate Fear Among Public to Demand West Nile Virus Vaccine

As written in the PROVE newsletter, the push is on to manipulate public perception on West Nile Virus to scare the public into irrationally demanding a vaccine. Three recent articles are playing into this. One from the Los Angeles Times describes the intensifying push of several drug companies to create a West Nile Virus vaccine, and it says right in the article: "David Watumull, chief executive at Hawaii Biotech [a vaccine manufacturer], said: 'It comes down to trying to analyze fear.' But at this point, he added, 'we're convinced there is a significant opportunity'." A couple of days later another article ran that would serve to intensify this fear even further. The title? "California's West Nile virus death toll grows to five."

As PROVE writes, "Pretty soon no baby or school child will be safe outside from this "deadly" virus as drug lobbyists maneuver behind the scenes working in collusion with state public health departments to mandate this vaccine guaranteeing millions if not billions for the manufacturer." Interestingly, another article published in World Net Dailey says that the CDC sent samples of West Nile Virus directly to several Iraqi sites that weapons inspectors later determined to be part of Saddam Hussein's biological weapons program, according to both CDC files and congressional records from the early 1990s. Iraq had ordered the samples, saying it needed them for legitimate medical research.

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