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Tell the Truth About Vaccines--or Keep Away From my Children

The link below will take you to an excellent opinion piece about the many red flags that present themselves in regard to vaccines when looked at with any amount of common sense. As author Carmen Reid wrote: "I thought I would be able to write something calm and balanced, drawing on both sides of the arguments for and against childhood vaccinations. But I'm so furious at being LIED to time after time by the government that nothing very calm comes to mind. Now, low and behold, a new five-in-one injection is being spun as "good news, it's "mercury-free"--so that we don't ask any questions about what else is in it or whether our babies should be injected with five diseases in one day. Instead of mercury, the new vaccination contains aluminium and formaldehyde, both known neurological toxins, held by some experts as equally responsible for autism. Just thought you'd like to know.

Yes, the Department of Health knows perfectly well that vaccines can damage children, the possible side-effects come listed on the box. But in the past, I have interviewed parents who have told me with tears in their eyes and certainty in their hearts that their children were fine before vaccination, yet their own doctors, the health board and the government will not accept their evidence." Click on the link below to read this important commentary in full.

The Scotsman August 15, 2004

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