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Get Cheaper Drugs Soon From My Home State

I am very impressed that Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is taking an very active step against drug company profits. Yesterday he said "We have taken every possible step we could think of to convince the FDA, and convince the Congress, and anyone and everyone who will listen, that people across Illinois, and across our country, deserve access to safe and lower cost prescription drugs."

Very shortly my home state of IL will set up a Web site and toll-free phone number that will link consumers to a Canadian-run clearinghouse that will provide information on costs in Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom of about 100 of the most common brand-name drugs used to treat chronic or long-term conditions. Consumers will be able to fax or mail prescription for refills only to the clearinghouse, which would give the already written prescription to a network physician to review. If approved, the physician would send the prescription to a network pharmacy chosen by the consumer.

It is unclear to me at this time if citizens of other states will be able to access this program, but it is very possible they will be able to, thus circumventing the road blocks that were set up by the federal government that was clearly heavily lobbied by the drug industry. Well I am no fan of using drugs, occasionally they are required and I perceive this as a huge consumer victory.

USA Today August 19, 2004

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