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Eating to Fight Boredom, Stress, Loneliness

In another sad example that tells me many people "live to eat" rather than "eat to live," U.K. researchers have found almost half of British adults turn to food to stifle feelings of boredom, loneliness and stress. A survey by a British clinic found 43 percent of adults eat to change a negative mood.

However, a quarter feel guilty after eating and another quarter feel the route to happiness is to be thinner. These concerns reflect the pressures that society places on be a certain image.

The survey of 2,000 people showed 47 percent of adolescents aged 16-24 and 40 percent of those aged 35-44 had eaten because they were bored. A quarter of women and people aged 45-54 have eaten because they were stressed. Others ate after arguing with their spouse or partner.

Researchers also witnessed a significant rise in young female patients aged 17 to 30 presenting with both eating disorders and addictions.

One of the most effective weapons you can use to feel better about your body image and begin to change your perception of it is EFT. Loving yourself is one of the central keys to improving the negative choices in your life. Developing positive affirmations which actually rebalance your bioenergy system so you can make these changes is a central key to your success.

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BBC News August 23, 2004

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