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U.S. Blood Pressure Rates Rise Dangerously

Almost a third of Americans over 18 have high blood pressure, a dramatic rise over the past decade, according to a new study. Some 65 million now suffer from high blood pressure, a jump of 15 million over a similar study conducted a decade ago.

The reason scientists attribute to the dramatic rise in blood pressure rates:

  • A rising aging population spurred by baby boomers
  • Population growth, particularly among African-Americans
  • The obesity epidemic

Domestic blood pressure rates hit an all-time high (36 percent) in the 70s and fell by almost half (20 percent) from 1988-91.

High blood pressure is a serious issue that can kill or permanently impair you, and it should not be ignored. It usually kills people slowly over time, but very high blood pressures can surely cause a stroke. Normally, high blood pressure goes down quite quickly and easily by implementing three important factors:

  • Eliminating grains and sugars and eating based on your own nutritional type
  • Normalizing the stresses in your life. EFT is a simple and inexpensive tool that can help you in this area
  • Exercise

USA Today August 24, 2004

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