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Big Business Ignores The Health Hazards of Sugar

Most all of you who read this Blog regularly understand all too well the many ways sugar can destroy your health. Although it seems conventional medicine is finally "getting it," big business doesn't. Not even close.

A good example of this blantant ignorance can be found in the final recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report.
After hours of negotiations by committee members, the report includes NO direct recommendation that added sugar should be reduced, as previous reports had urged.

But if you look hard enough, you'll find details about the hazards of sugar, especially the kind found in soft drinks and sweetened juice beverages. Why? It seems that the committee wanted to have it both ways.

Until this month, the committee was evenly divided about the health hazards of sugar. Trade associations, which play a major part in the government's decisions on its food policy, say no. Nonaffiliated scientific researchers disagreed. But, when the committee looked at two new studies, one published in May, the other published this week, they changed their minds and voted 8-3 to conclude that there is a relationship between the consumption of added sugars and health.

Again, that's only if you look at the fine print. According to the report, ""Compared with individuals who consume small amounts of foods and beverages that are high in added sugars, those who consume large amounts tend to consume more calories but smaller amounts of micronutrients. Although more research is needed, available prospective studies suggest a positive association between consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and weight gain. A reduced intake of added sugars (especially sugar-sweetened beverages) may help in achieving recommended intakes of nutrients and in weight control."

Yet three months ago, this passage didn't exist.

Wilmington Star-News August 25, 2004

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