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Losing Weight Improves PCOS Condition

As the U.S. obesity rate nears the 70 percent mark, other health issues regrading our country's ballooning weight problem were bound to appear. That's why news about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) doesn't surprise me in the least. Women who suffer from PCOS, a disease involving enlarged ovaries often associated with obesity, menstrual problems and infertility, can improve their chances of conceiving if they lose weight, according to new research.

Researchers assessed the health of 38 obese PCOS patients who completed a 24-week program of diet and exercise with or without the use of metformin, a diabetes drug. Some of the women did not receive any special therapy and served as a comparison group.

Patients in both diet and exercise groups experienced significant reductions in body weight, whereas patients in the comparison group did not. Of the two diet and exercise interventions, the one that also used metformin therapy was best at reaching the patients' weight loss goals.

Women who lost weight were nine times more likely to experience regular ovulation than women who did not lose weight, regardless of whether they used metformin. Moreover, among those who took metformin, women who lost weight were 16 times more likely to ovulate regularly than women who didn't lose weight.

There are a number of things women suffering from PCOS and can do, without taking metformin or, for that matter, any type of drug to treat their condition naturally.

Because insulin resistance is a central issue, you'll certainly want to restrict sugars and grains and follow a healthier eating plan based on your personal nutritional type. Learn more about your individual type by taking our free test.

Maximizing your Vitamin D levels will also do a great deal of good for your health.

Yahoo News August 26, 2004

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