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Short List of Treatable Illnesses The Key To Rising Health Costs

It's no surprise health costs skyrocketing in conventional medicine. You also know I believe many of these diseases conventional medicine would rather "cure" with a pill are very preventable and treatable by following a diet geared to your specific nutritional type.

Also not a surprise, a new study has found just 15 illnesses, most largely preventable, account for the lion's share of the health care spending boom over the last 20 years. These 15 illnesses alone, out of 370 conditions listed, account for 56 percent of the $200 million spike in health costs from 1987-2000.

These top five conditions accounted for one-third of the increase:

  • Heart disease
  • Pulmonary conditions
  • Mental disorders
  • Cancer
  • Hypertension

The study also creates an opening for mapping a course to corral health costs. But, it also suggests in some cases--heart attacks, low-birthweight babies, cataracts and depression--increased spending has resulted in better health and long-term savings.

As a nation, we spent some $1.6 trillion on health care last year, or about 15 percent of the gross national product, compared with 11 percent only 15 years ago. In the past three years, health insurance costs have increased an average of 12.5 percent annually, which is the most commonly cited reason for why nearly 44 million people do not have insurance.

Washington Post August 25, 2004

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