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Dad Freed From Life Sentence in Son's Death

Many of you may know of the Alan Yurko case. I posted a story on him last December. At approximately eight weeks of age, despite the fact that preterm babies commonly have serious adverse reactions to vaccinations, Baby Alan was given the DTaP, Hib, OPV and Hepatitis B vaccines, simultaneously.

Within 24 hours, he developed diarrhea, irritability and fever and, 10 or 11 days later, he developed a high-pitched cry and his skin became warm to the touch. As the mother was told that these symptoms could result from the vaccinations, she did not seek medical attention for the baby. Thirteen days after vaccination, Baby Alan had a cardiac arrest and apnea episode and was taken, by Yurko, to the emergency room. After about three days in the hospital, Baby Alan died, with the apparent cause of death listed as bleeding in the brain as a result of vigorous shaking, or shaken baby syndrome (SBS).

Tragically his father, Alan Yurko, was accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome and thrown in prison. Yurko was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life, plus 10 years, in prison. Baby Alan died of a fatal reaction to his childhood immunizations and not of shaken baby syndrome as he was accused. This is a dramatic case of justice finally being served. However, the KEY point here is that it was only done through a massive public effort to bring the truth to light. If you were part of this movement and donated any funds for the Yurko case you are to be highly commended.

This case can serve as a dramatic example of the power of what an aligned community can do when it comes to health. I will likely use this example many times in the future to help inspire readers to action as your efforts obviously and truly can make a huge difference.

Orlando Sentinel August 28, 2004

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