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Spending Time With Nature A Natural Remedy for ADHD

What could be more natural or healthy for you than to take a walk outdoors after work or school enjoying nature? That simple solution--spending quality time outdoors--can significantly reduce the symptoms of kids who suffer from attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), according to a new study.

The wonderful payoff: If clinical trials and additional research confirm the value of exposure to nature for lessening ADHD, daily doses of "green time" might supplement medications and behavioral approaches to the disease, researchers said, that affects one out of every 14 children.

The parents of some 400 were interviewed via the Web about how their children performed after participating in a wide range of activities. Some activities were conducted inside, others in outdoor places without much greenery, such as parking lots and downtown areas, and others in relatively natural outdoor settings such as a tree-lined street, back yard or park.

Researchers found that symptoms were reduced most in green outdoor settings, even when the same activities were compared across different settings. Consistently, green outdoor activities received more positive ratings than did activities taking place in other settings in 54 of the 56 analyses.

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Science Blog August 28, 2004