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Sunshine Can Increase Your Muscle Growth

It is well documented that vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis. Most doctors are only familiar with its role in that area and are clueless about vitamin D's ability to treat the top two killers in the US, heart disease and cancer and also to address common autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Now you can add another role for vitamin D, which is ideally obtained from unobstructed sunlight on large amounts of exposed skin that does not result in any burning. Researchers have found that vitamin D affects factors directly related to muscle strength and function in an elderly population. They believe that activated vitamin D binds to a highly specific nuclear receptor in muscle tissue which leads to muscle protein synthesis and muscle cell growth.

So please be sure and obtain regular sun exposure as often as possible to obtain all the healing benefits of vitamin D.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition September 2004 80(3):752-758

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