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Take This Quiz to Determine Your Specific Score on the Political Chart (Liberal, Conservative, Statist, Centrist or Libertarian)

For years, politics has been represented as a choice between left (liberal) and right (conservative). Growing numbers of thinkers agree this is far too narrow a view that excludes millions of people. The political map on the quiz gives a much more accurate representation of the true, diverse political world.

That's what attracted me to the World's Smallest Political Quiz featured on the Advocates for Self-Government Web site. This short test asks 10 simple questions--divided between personal and economic issues--that are scored based on whether you agree, disagree or sit on the fence.

After finishing the questions, push the button to see where your score fits on the political pyramid. About 3.3 million have taken the test so far. By the way, roughly two-thirds of the people who took the test scored either as a libertarian or a centrist.

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