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The Long-Term Prognosis of the Atkins Diet

I've written a lot recently about the problems I have with the Atkins diet. While much of Dr. Atkins' work is right on target, there are aspects of his program--very much a "one-size-fits-all" plan--that fall short of helping people lose weight and prevent disease permanently.

That's why I wasn't surprised about the results of three Danish studies that randomly assigned people to either a low-fat, low-calorie regimen or the Atkins diet. The studies, none of which lasted more than a year, suggested people actually lost more weight on a low-carbohydrate diet during the first three to six months.

But by the time the dieters reached the one-year mark, the Atkins-style dieters hadn't lost any more weight than the traditional dieters. Also, in somehwat of a surprise, cholesterol levels of low-carbohydrate dieters improved more than the other dieters, perhaps because of the greater weight loss.

Why doesn't Atkins work?

Yahoo News September 2, 2004

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