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Dieters Gain Weight Trying to Lose It

About a third of the people trying to lose weight eventually begin to add pounds no matter what kind of diet they attempt, according to a British study about "yo-yo dieting."

The numbers alone are disturbing but not completely unexpected:

  • More than a fourth constantly fight "the bulge."
  • More than 40 percent admit they end up giving in to temptation.
  • Ten percent of those who gain weight after dieting put on up to 14 pounds on top of their pre-diet weight.
  • Some 40 percent of women and 20 percent of men ended up being heavier than before.
  • Only 18 percent of dieters ever reach their goal.

Access to all the information in the world about making the right food choices does you absolutely no good until you take control of the emotional challenges that are sabotaging your health.

Mentally, you know that you should eat lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables, but emotionally you have been conditioned to crave certain foods, such as grains and sugars. In other words, successful eating is not a battle of acquiring the right knowledge, but a battle against your own emotions.

There are various approaches for dealing with these challenges, but the one I most highly recommend, and have found to be most highly successful, is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Read my free EFT report and learn how to overcome your food cravings and get on the path to better health.

BBC News September 8, 2004

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