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Treating Cerebral Palsy With Botox?

From time to time in our free E-Healthy News You Can Use, we've covered various kinds of crazy treatments doctors will use to "cure" symptoms, no matter what kind of harm it may do to their patients. This one just might take the cake... European researchers conducted a study on how children who suffer from cerebral palsy may be able to better contain their drooling with a shot of Botox.

The study compared the results of 45 children who used either botox or a scopolamine patch (sometimes used for controlling motion sickness). Botox treatment involved injections into the salivary glands, which had to be done under general anesthesia. The scopolamine patch was applied to the skin behind the ear.

Although both methods reduced drooling, and scopolamine was marginally better than botox (53-49 percent), about 71 percent of the kids who used the former experienced moderate to severe adverse effects with scopolamine, such as dry mouth, restlessness, blurry vision, or confusion. In contrast, only minor side effects were seen with Botox, such as mild difficulty swallowing.

Following a Botox injection, the greatest reduction in drooling occurred two to eight weeks later. Researchers found a single injection of Botox eased the problem for up to 24 weeks to a degree that was comparable to regular use of the scopolamine patch.

Hard to believe researchers have tested botox on other nontraditional conditions besides the cosmetic:

Yahoo News September 8, 2004

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