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Conventional Medicine Catching Up on Treating Alzheimer's Naturally

I've always believed the key to treating Alzheimer's disease is pretty simple: Just don't get it! What's behind that simple statement is a bit tougher, particularly if you're the one making the lifestyle changes, but not complicated at all.

Nevertheless, making changes is probably a great idea, according to some experts, who estimate the number of people who will suffer from Alzheimer's could DOUBLE to 6 million by 2030. And that number may be on the low side at that! Economic costs will also skyrocket, to about $100,000 per year by 2030 (in 1998 dollars).

Experts have found that the news isn't all dismal, largely because they believe simple lifestyle changes could slash the number diagnosed with the disease. In a review of scientific studies and a more recent study of 20 people -- that compared those who made lifestyle changes with those who didn't -- researchers found simple changes can make a big difference.

In that recent study, researchers put 10 people on a lifestyle program that includes mental exercise, physical exercise, stress reduction and a "healthy brain" diet, including such foods as fish that are rich in healthy fats. The rest did not follow the program, serving as controls. In just two weeks, 75 percent of those on the program had a 20 to 30 percent improvement in memory scores and their blood pressures dropped too.

The following steps to reduce your risk of Alzheimer's are inexpensive, natural and can be easily implemented by anyone:

Yahoo News September 9, 2004

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