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How Do You Know If You're Exercising Hard Enough?

Finally a study that supports what I have been long telling patients. Most people don't know that I originally decided to go into medicine to use exercise as a therapy to improve people's health. I have been exercising for 36 years now, ever since I read Dr. Cooper's book "Aerobics" in 1968. I really believe that regular exercise is one of the major factors that has contributed to my ability to be successful.

As I studied more about natural medicine though it became very clear that an optimal diet and emotional healing are far more powerful tools to move people into health. However, it has been my experience that it is very rare to see a patient who is exercising appropriately. I would estimate that it is far less than one in ten patients that I see have any clue that the intensity of exercise is a critical component of the puzzle.

Most people believe they just need to put in time and somehow exercise will magically give them all the benefits they seek. Most are clueless that exercise is very similar to a drug and needs to be prescribed very precisely. To achieve the incredible benefits that exercise has to offer it needs to provide a significant cardiovascular stress to induce biochemical changes like increasing mitochondria in the muscle to burn fat while one is sleeping.

What I have been telling patients for many years is to go hard enough so that they have a difficult time talking or carrying on a conversations with someone. Once they reach that level they are going too hard and they need to back off slightly so they are just below that level. This is their optimum training level. They don't need to measure their pulse at all. This means that walking will not work for nearly anyone UNLESS they are walking on a strong incline on a treadmill, which is perfectly acceptable.

I was delighted to see research has now confirmed my long standing recommendations. When patients follow this advice they are able to literally see miracles occur in their health. Exercise is absolutely critical to the "cure" of many chronic diseases like

News September 10, 2004

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