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How Much Insurance Do You Need for Your Car?

I realize that this is not health related but nearly everyone reading this has a car that they pay insurance on so I thought I would mix it up a bit and provide some practical help on that. In an article on the website is one of the best sites out there for car information. They have an article titled "10 Steps to Buying Automobile Insurance," author Philip Reed helps you determine not only how much insurance you need to carry but also how to get the best coverage at the lowest price.

For openers, he says, "Keep telling yourself there is money to be saved. How much? Hundreds, even thousands, per year. For example, one of our editors typed all of his insurance information into a comparative insurance service. The quotes (for very basic coverage on two old cars) ranged from $1,006 to $1,807 -- a difference of $801 a year. If you're currently dumping thousands into your insurance company's coffers because of a couple of tickets, an accident, or a questionable credit rating, shopping your policy against others may be well worth the effort."

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