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Pot For MS??

Hard to believe that funding was obtained to support that cannabis (marijuana) may have some therapeutic benefit for MS. This is very very lame. Pot will never be a cure for MS. It infuriates me to read this type of research and I wonder if the investigators use pot recreationally and are using the research to justify their use.

One of the worst things that conventional medicine does for MS is to put them on interferons. This "natural substance" can cause devastating side effects and never treats the cause of the disease. But at least it does make the drug companies $10,000 or more a year for every patient they brainwash physicians to start on it.

What is incredibly annoying is that simple basic non-toxic inexpensive well-proven modalities for MS are completely ignored. The most basic is sunshine. Without question most MS patients have a huge sun deficiency issue. Their vitamin D levels are in the seriously deficient range. That has certainly been my experience in treating MS patients.

I used to cringe when MS patients came into my office for treatment as there was very little that I could confidently offer. However, now that I have tools like nutritional typing I have been able to consistently turn around most of the MS patients that we treat. This is especially true when we are able to address the bioelectric short-circuiting that invariably contributes to most all autoimmmune diseases. We generally use energy psychology tools like EFT, but that are many other effective approaches. What clearly is rarely effective are strategies like antidepressants or conventional psychotherapy.

Yahoo! News September 10, 2004

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