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Congratulations! You Picked the Safe Internet Browser

A few months ago I warned you about all the problems Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer, was having with security leaks. It was so bad all you had to do is visit some web sites and not even click on anything and your computer could become infected. Many of you downloaded and are now using the browser I have used for nearly two years now, Firefox.

Well, yesterday, Firefox finally made it out of beta version and went to version 1.0. It appears many people have picked up on this and nearly 15% of all the browsers now use this free and superior web browser. An interesting aside is that the person who wrote the code for Firefox actually sent me a thank you email for all the subscribers from our site that signed up and are using Firefox. The competition is exactly what Microsoft needs to improve their software.

They lost all their competition when they crushed the dominant initial web browser, Netscape, many years ago and it seems to have been downhill for browsers since then. So if you have any friends that want to improve their security for free please have them download this free browser.

ZDNet September 15, 2004

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