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Finally - - You Can Now Get Google's Free Email Service

Google is my favorite search engine and I have been using them since they were in beta version prior to their initial release. I was long promoting them prior to their rise to the top. Many of you know that the recently started a free email service similar to Yahoo. The major difference is that they have ONE GIGABYTE of free storage.

Unfortunately it is still in beta and the only way you can sign up for it is to get invited. Well, I finally found a link that allows you to get invited. When I signed up on Wednesday morning there were 384 invitations still left. Unfortunately our blog readers grabbed up all the free invites and now none are left. You can check back periodically if you are interested in the best free email service on the planet by clicking on the link below to see if others have donated their invitatiosn so you can get one to Gmail. If you have an invitation you want to donate to the service below send it to

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