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I Know You Are Watching TV So Stop It Now If You Want to Be Healthy

While I seriously hope dedicated blog readers aren't watching TV that much, it appears that most of the country is. A new survey showed that the average American spent 8.6 hours a day sleeping last year, only 3.7 hours working and had 5.1 leisure hours -- half of which was spent watching television.

I stopped watching TV when the Bulls finished their last of six world championships with Michael Jordan. I never even had cable hooked up to my house since then. Since I don't get regular TV reception at all I have been without TV access for nearly ten years and I haven't missed it in the least. Answering emails and reviewing articles on the Net is more than enough to keep me busy. However, this week I did have basic cable installed as it was essentially "free" with my high speed Internet cable access. It seemed to be reasonable to have, especially when I am on TV as it was disappointing to not even be able to tape myself on TV since I didn't have cable access.

Anyway I diverge. The key here is that many of us say we don't watch TV but the true reality is that the average is nearly FOUR HOURS a day. What a stupid waste of one of our most precious resources, time. If one is going to invest that much time in TV watching they should at least exercise for one hour while watching it. Most of the country is in serious exercise debt and claims that they have little time to exercise. Well, maybe if they watched less TV they could exercise a bit.

Aside from limiting your time to exercise and communicate with important people in your life, most people don't realize that watching TV actually puts you into debt. You can click on this link to read the dozens of other articles that I have posted on the negative effects of watching TV. If you can't get off of the TV habit then please consider using my free EFT manual to help provide you with the motivation to rid yourself of this dangerous addiction.

Yahoo! News September 15, 2004

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