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U.S. Soft Drink Numbers Rise Dramatically

Cutting out soft drinks, one of the worst things you could possibly consume, is one of the easiest things you can do to be more healthy right away.

No surprise, with the obesity epidemic in full swing, that consumption of soft drinks in the U.S. climbed 135 percent from 1977-2001, according to a new study. Yet, over the same time, milk consumption dropped 38 percent.

Some findings from the survey:

  • Young adults ages 19-39 drank the most soft drinks, increasing their intake from 4.1 percent to 9.8 percent of total daily calorie consumption.
  • Total energy derived from soft drinks each day rose on average from 2.8 percent to 7 percent, nearly a tripling of calories.
  • Energy intake from fruit drinks per person grew from 1.1 percent to 2.2 percent.
  • Changes in intake of other beverages such as tea, coffee, alcohol and fruit juices were minor for all age groups.
  • The average number of soft drink servings per day climbed from 1.96 in 1977 to 2.39 in 2001.

Science Blog September 16, 2004

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