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Where Does Fear End?

You may remember a recent study I wrote about in which researchers found that feelings of fatigue were activated by the mind, not the muscles. Scientists have also known for awhile which areas of the brain initiate fear. New research has identified the areas involved in extinguishing those fears.

Scientists found the area called the amygdala is a key in both learning and unlearning fears. They also found the ventral medial prefrontal cortex is critical for the long-term extinction of fears.

In their studies, researchers presented test subjects with either blue or yellow squares. One color was associated with a mild electric shock. Using this method, the subjects acquired a fear of the colored square associated with the shock. Then, they eliminated the fear response by presenting the colored square associated with the shock, first with a gradually reduced shock and then with no shock at all.

To determine the brain areas involved, the subjects' brains were scanned during the experiment by functional magnetic resonance imaging, which uses harmless magnetic fields and radio signals to measure blood flow in targeted areas of the brain. These images reflect the level of brain activity.

The downside to this knowledge: There are drugs that target the amygdala, which help in the treatment of anxiety disorders, so scientists may look to developing new designer drugs to treat such problems.

However, I strongly believe "band aid" style drugs are never the solution for treating your anxieties and fears. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is the most effective method I know of to treat your fears and anxieties. Learn how to use this simple technique with my free EFT manual.

Forbes September 15, 2004

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