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13 Reasons Why Lack of Sunshine Makes You Fat

Dr. Cannell is back at it again. He has constructed another awesome quiz that will test your knowledge about vitamin D and obesity. His thirteen questions are based on recent studies on vitamin D association with obesity. This is a must read test as it will really surprise you. It seems every day I am developing a greater appreciation of the importance of the need for regular sun exposure. It is important to understand that we get vitamin D deficient because we don't get enough sunshine on our skin, not because we did not take enough vitamin D orally.

Vitamin D was never designed to be swallowed in a pill or liquid as it has potential toxicity, while the toxicity of vitamin D from overexposure to the sun is very limited. During the winter most of us don't have many practical choices however and the oral route is the only option left for us. So the safest way to maintain healthy vitamin D levels will be with a good quality cod liver oil as the vitamin A in cod liver oil will actually help one avoid vitamin D toxicity.

So the bottom line is make certain that you start switching over to cod liver oil very soon if you live in the US if you want to keep a normal body weight. However, as always, the best way to know when you need to switch would be to actually measure your vitamin D level

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