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Keep Walking To Fight Dementia

In another case where a completely natural remedy can help seniors reap so many benefits, regular walking may help prevent mental decline and Alzheimer's disease, according to research in patients older than 70, bolstering evidence that exercise needn't be strenuous to be good for you.

There's plenty of evidence that mental exercise, such as crossword puzzles and reading, may reduce Alzheimer's risks, but previous studies on brain benefits from physical exercise had conflicting results. The new findings, contained in two studies, clarify how much exercise might be beneficial and are good news for older people who want to avoid mental decline but don't want to get sweaty.

Another study based on European data collected found that those who eat more of a Mediterrean diet -- including fruits, vegetables and olive and fish oils -- lowered their mortality rates by 23 percent over a decade-long followup than their less healthier peers.

When seniors combined that diet with moderate alcohol use, daily physical activity of at least a half-hour, their mortality rate dropped by some 65 percent, not an insignificant number.

The prevalent impression has been that seniors can indulge themselves, assuming the lack of physical activity, smoking and diet doesn't matter due to their pending mortality.

In fact, you should be able to live to see 100, if you make some lifestyle adjustments:

Yahoo News September 22, 2004

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