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TB Epidemic Possible BUT Sunlight Can Prevent It

TB infects an estimated 8.7 million people a year and kills 2 million a year despite widespread control efforts. Two new studies show that super drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis are at the tipping point of producing a global TB epidemic.

Not to worry. As there are many effective non-drug solutions for TB. The key is to activate one's immune system. So that would mean staying away from foods that tend to impair it, such as sugar and processed foods. One will also want to make sure that one has generous amounts of omega-3 fats. Additionally either too much iron or too little iron can impair the immune response. So checking one's iron status would be an important part of the program to prevent a TB epidemic.

It has long been know that vitamin D is useful to treat TB. What most people, including most physicians, are completely ignorant of is the history of the treatment of TB. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, long before the development of antibiotics, TB was successfully treated by putting people in TB solariums and exposing them to simple sunlight.

This will unquestionably safefly optimize their vitamin D level with virtually no risk of overdosing as the body will have a feedback mechanism to limit the production of harmful levels of vitamin D. However, it is likely that exposure to sunshine also allows the sun's UV radiation to actually penetrate into the superficial capillaries and directly "sanitize" the blood.

I reviewed a book recently about this entire process and completed a 12 page review that my editorial staff is completling. But I am VERY excited about the theraputic use of sunshine in nearly every disease state. Nearly every patient I see has a sunlight defiency. Unfortunatley, my deeper appreciation of the value of sunlight is coming at the time of year when most of us will be losing the ability to obtain for six months.

However, regular exposure, (being careful to NEVER get burnt) to the sun is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy. Of course you will want to avoid using any toxid sunscreens as they will block absorbing the benefiical UV rays. I hope to post this review in the next few weeks and we even convert it to a free ebook as it is one of the most important pieces I have written this year.

Reuters September 19, 2004

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