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Daily Red Wine Cuts Prostate Cancer Risk By Half

I reported on a study earlier this spring that found antioxidants weren't as effective as green and black tea in slowing down the progression of prostate cancer. Knowing the benefits of resveratrol, however, I was surprised by that finding.

Seems my suspicions were confirmed with yesterday's announcement about new research that found drinking a glass of red wine a day may cut a man's risk of prostate cancer in half. Moreover, the protective effect appears to be strongest against the most aggressive forms of the disease.

Scientists discovered men who consumed four or more glasses of red wine per week reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 50 percent. In addition, among men who consumed four or more 4-ounce glasses of red wine per week, there was about a 60 percent lower incidence of the more aggressive types of prostate cancer.

In fact, scientists found the more clinically aggressive prostate cancer is where the strongest reduction in risk was observed.

Where the benefit of resveratrol comes in: Researchers found no significant effects -- positive nor negative -- associated with the consumption of beer or hard liquor and no consistent risk reduction with white wine.

Although the risk of prostate cancer decreased 6 percent for every glass of red wine consumed per week, the law of diminishing returns comes into play when consumption increases beyond moderation (four to eight 4-ounce drinks a week).

So I feel confident in adding resveratrol to the list of tools to fight prostate cancer which includes:

Science Blog September 22, 2004

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