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Death By Medicine, The Sequel

One of the most important and popular articles I've featured on my Web site in some time -- the Modern Health Care System is the Leading Cause of Death series -- illustrates why I have so little faith in a modern health care system that appears from all sides so focused on the "business of unnecessary medicine" rather than true healing.

So it wasn't terribly surprising to read that wild variations in medical care led to 79,000 AVOIDABLE DEATHS, 66.5 million avoidable sick days and $1.8 billion in additional medical costs last year, according to an annual report by the private National Committee for Quality Assurance.

No surprise, the committee also found requiring doctors and hospitals to report publicly on their performance and tying their pay to the results would dramatically reduce avoidable deaths and costs attributable to poor medical care too.

The leading causes of avoidable (estimated) deaths due to a failure to deliver recommended care in the United States:

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