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Portion Distortion Shrinks Candy Bars

Two of the world's most popular candy bars will shrink in size next year, in response to a plan by Britain's Food and Drink Federation to address obesity. The plan addresses several issues including a new approach to lower portion sizes to reduce over-consumption, labelling, advertising to children, vending and public education.

King-sized Mars and Snickers chocolate bars, some weighing almost a quarter-pound, will be divided into two shareable portions.

The move by Masterfoods follows fast-food giant McDonald's decision to add salads to its traditional hamburger and fries menu and to provide pedometers in its adult "happy meals."

Health experts have blamed "portion distortion" for contributing to the increasing waistlines of adults and children in Britain, which has one of the fastest growing rates of obesity. Twenty-two percent of adults and nearly 16 percent of children between the ages of six and 16 in Britain are obese.

Take a look at how portion sizes and amounts have exploded over the past two decades, according to the World Cancer Research Fund:

  • The standard size of a hamburger has increased 112 percent.
  • Bagels are 95 percent bigger than they were two decades ago.
  • Servings of pasta have increase gone up 480 percent.

The reason most people struggle with giving up sugar is that they are still eating grains. Grains break down to sugar and perpetuate the addiction.

The cure for sweet cravings is pretty simple: Eliminate grains and sugars and eating properly for your nutritional type. The way to manage any addiction is through complete abstinence.

MSNBC September 27, 2004

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