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Why You Should Switch to Firefox NOW

If you are using Internet Explorer and have not upgraded to Service Pack 2 did you know that if you happen to go on a web site and view a picture you might get a virus that could infect and take over your computer. Folks this is real. CNET is the top tech site on the web and they aren't telling lies. The Microsoft code is full of security vulnerabilities and nearly every expert I know recommends that you stop using Internet Explorer.

Even if you download the SP2 with the new security features you are still vulnerable if you use Explorer as many other Microsoft aps also have vulnerabilities. The article lists 20 other applications that have them. So why take the risk? You too can become spyware and adware free by throwing Microsoft's browser out the window.

Earlier this month Firefox finally went out of beta and now is in version 1.0 and one of the best things about Firefox is that it is free. You can download it at their site.

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