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Why Armour Thyroid is Better Than Synthroid

Maryo Shomon reviews more research from the 2004 European Thyroid Association Annual Meeting. She heads up the top thyroid site on the net and has written a great book on the topic.

Synthroid is exclusively T4 while Armour is primarily thought of as T3 and T4 but it also has T1 and T2. Now a new study looked at the effects of another T2 to determine if it could raise metabolism and burn fat without inducing throtoxicity. In the study compared to untreated high-fat fed animals, T2 treatment resulted in a reduction of:

  • Body weight gain,
  • Fat accumulation,
  • Serum cholesterol and
  • Tryglicerides

Heart rate, T4, T3 and TSH levels were unchanged, indicating that the T2 did not induce thyrotoxicosis. The researchers concluded that " If these results hold true for humans, pharmacological administration of T2 might help to counteract pathologies linked to hyperlipidemic states without inducing a thyrotoxic state. Further documentation that Armour is superior to Synthroid or other forms of T4 (levothyroxine). I also posted an article in NEJM five years that suggests the same conclusion.

Mary Shomon September 30, 2004

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