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The Deadly Risks of Gastric Bypass

I can't imagine a procedure more unnecessary and full of complications and dangers than gastric bypass. That said, I'm not terribly surprised desparate people struggling with obesity are reaching for an easy way out of their misery. Or that the medical profession has stepped to the plate to provide "answers" and "cures" to conditions like obesity, rather than treating the underlying problem.

Two separate studies illustrate the mixed blessings behind the gastric bypass issue.

  • Both studies found that more patients who opted for the surgery had longer lifespans than those who didn't.
  • Contrary to previous findings that showed one out of every 200 or even 500 died from gastric bypass, 2 percent (1 in 50) died within 30 days after their surgery.

Does it really make sense to pay $30,000 for an operation that is only necessary because people refuse to change their lifestyle and address the underlying causes of obesity? Skip the surgery and try these healthier options first:

1. Retool your diet based on your personal nutritional type while eliminating grains and sugars.

2. Start exercising.

3. Learn EFT, an effective tool that helps you better deal with the emotions behind the eating that sabotage your health.

USA Today October 6, 2004

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