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Exercise Alternative to Flu Vaccine

Well even if you wanted to get the flu vaccine it will be a major challenge due to the British government halting vaccine shipments to the United States on Tuesday because of concerns about contamination which will cause profound flu vaccine shortages. Not to worry as this will actually vastly improve the health of the country.

If you want a far better alternative to the flu vaccine in preventing the flu all you need to do are a few simple steps:

  • Avoid sugar
  • Get plenty of good rest
  • Take appropriate amounts of omega-3 fats

I have also written about other things you can do to prevent the flu in last year's newsletter. If you are unable to implement the above measures and do acquire the flu, recent rat experiments strongly suggest that exercise will decrease your complications from the flu.

The key point to remember here though is to stay away from the flu shots as they are full of potential problems.

Science Blog October 7, 2004

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