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Head Injury Steroids Kill 10,000

For the last 30 years it has been common practice to give head injury patients steroids. The thought is that their strong anti-inflammatory capacity reduces permanent neurological injury by avoiding the secondary swelling and compression on the brain tissue. Like many areas of medicine this was never really formally tested and when researchers finally got around to it they found that the steroids actually increased the likelihood of dying.

I think that the steroids may actually be appropriate but that they are not compensating for important consequences of using them. One simply can not use hormones in isolation and not expect side effects. The way to compensate for the use of cortisone is to use anabolic steroids like testoserone and DHEA in men and in women to use those along with supplemental estrogen and progseterone. It is also likely that growth hormone given a the same time would also help mitigate against the side effects of high doses of steroids.

Telegraph October 8, 2004

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