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FDA Knew About Contaminated Vaccine One Year Ago

Nearly everyone knows that the flu vaccine supply was radically reduced last week when production from the British plant was stopped due to bacterial contamination. What is not known was that the FDA inspectors knew about this problem in June 2003. In a hearing on Friday Congressional representatives wanted to know how the FDA was so blindsided. Fortunately for the intelligent readers of this blog this is nothing more than further confirmation of the ineptness of the FDA. I would hope that nearly everyone reading this would never even consider getting the flu vaccine that is full of mercury and aluminum which given on an annual basis has been well documented to increase your risk of Alzheimer's.

Fortunatley, as the post below shows, there are simple inexpensive, lifestyle alternatives to the vaccine that provides authentic protection not only to the flu but to degenerative illnesses.

USA Today October 11, 2004

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