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Should Vitamin D be Given to Cancer Patients?

The answer is easy when you ask the question another way. Should cancer patients be treated for their vitamin D deficiency? Most people, including those serving on malpractice juries, might think so.

But which vitamin D is the best? Is it the kind of vitamin D one can get from exposure to the sun or fish oil? Or do the scientists who are trying to create more profitable and expensive vitamin D treatment for cancer have the right idea?

The upcoming National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health conference on cancer and vitamin D Nov. 17-19 in Bethesda, Md., (free to the public) promises to be an interesting match with two very different groups of scientists slugging it out.

Why? Vitamin D will greatly increase tissue levels of calcitriol which has remarkable anticancer properties. Moreover, a lot of epidemiological evidence suggests that plain old vitamin D helps prevent normal cells from turning cancerous. Because cancer is a dynamic process, it makes sense to do everything one can do to prevent healthy cells from turning into malignant ones, especially in cancer patients.

Follow this link to find out more information about this free conference.

Medical News Today October 11, 2004

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